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Space saving design revolution reinventing the way we cook, work and socialise.

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TP Barcelona have developed a world first, a unified benchtop cooking solution that incorporates a hidden induction hob cooking facility within the benchtop itself, arguably creating the most attractive hob cooking solution available on the market today.

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Six years ago the pioneering Spanish benchtop material company embarked on a journey to revolutionize the kitchen hardware industry by taking their extensive materials knowledge and incorporating and improving the safe-to-touch induction style cooking technology that is ever present in many luxury kitchens today. In fact TP Barcelona say they have developed the world’s most energy efficient cooking system that is most probably the safest too.

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For the first time your desired number of induction elements are strategically placed at positions of your choosing with complete freedom. The 15mm composite benchtop structure is perhaps the easiest porcelain to handle, cut and polish on the market today with easy access on-off buttons well defined on its surface. The benefits of the porcelain-ceramic construction are vast creating an extremely strong and durable food preparation surface that is also impervious to most cooking oils, fats and liquids. The surface can be used for almost any table-top activity as there are no obstructions to circumnavigate. You could literally work, study, cook and play anywhere on the choice of 5 porcelain surfaces – with more colours to be launched soon.





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